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Important please read:  The images used in the creation of these ecards are under copyright by the authors, and/or their programs.
Images that are free and not under copyright restrictions can be found below at "Other Great Links." Please let this be your guide.

ALL of the ecards are free to send.  They are mostly "everyday" ecards, so have fun and bless others!  Registration is not required.

Free Registration - requires only 1 valid email, no ads and privacy totally respected (contact only if there's a problem).  Benefits include:
Member Control Panel:  upload your own image gallery & use to create ecards, view card history (cards received, sent, pending & recipients), a contact list, change settings, & a link to close your acct. This site is just getting started, so there will be many more images and features added. 

When sending an ecard - Make sure you see a confirmation "your ecard has been successfully sent," if not, then an error has occurred. (slow server or other).   All ecards expire in one month, so keep this in mind when sending an ecard "on another date" option.

Other Great Links (all free pics):  Cepolina copyright free photos     Public domain (royalty free stock photos).    Public Domain (royalty-free photos)


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Prayer of Protection This card is free to send

Prayer of Protection

This prayer is useful for groups or as a personal prayer for protection.
Just substitute the "we with I " and "our with my."
To print a copy of this prayer click: Printout Prayer for Gods Protection

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